Discover my best ideas!

As the holidays approach, you have not yet bought your presents yet? I propose you my selection of original ideas that you can do in Versailles.

1. 2-day passport

The 2-day passport gives access, on 2 consecutive days, to the whole domain: The Palace, the estate Trianon, the temporary exhibitions, the Gardens and the Park, Musical Fountains Show days and Musical Gardens days, the Coaches Gallery.

It also allows you to benefit from discounted rates on other events in the Castle and in the city.

Price (excluding days of shows): 27,50 €

Price (full access: domain and shows): 33 €

To buy it, go to the tourist office of Versailles or online. If you do not know the exact dates of your stay, we advise you to take the passport at 33 €.

When? Choose a departure day, your passport will be valid until 2019.



2. Costumes & châteaux

Dive into the eighteenth century with family or friends, take the time of a costumed photo shoot, ideal for your greeting cards.

Shooting 2 photos to choose from:
Adult fare:
48 €
Children up to 12 years: 30 €
Couple fare: 80 €
Group rate (from 3 people): 40 €

Shooting 5 photos to choose from:
Adult fare:
58 €
Children up to 12 years: 40 €
Couple fare: 100 €
Group rate (from 3 people): 50 €

Where? 1 place Saint Louis 78000 VERSAILLES

When? Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30AM to 1PM and from 2:30PM to 7PM.

3. Voie de l’écuyer (Academy of Equestrian Arts - show)

This equestrian show is choreographed by Bartabas for the riders of the Versailles Academy of Equestrian Arts.

Lusitanian carrousel, sorayas with long reins, horseback fencing and equestrian improvisation are performed to the sound of selected compositions by Bartabas.

Adult fare: 25 €
Children up to 12 years: 16 € 

Where? Domain of the National Equestrian Academy of Versailles, Rockefeller Avenue, 78000 VERSAILLES

When? Until December 31, every Saturday at 6PM and every Sunday at 3PM.


4. ReminiSens (dinner-show)

ReminiSens offers you a journey through time and relive during a dinner the anecdotes and intrigues of the Court; savor period dishes and immerse yourself in the baroque atmosphere of the 17th and 18th centuries

Menu "The tasting of the king": 195 €
Menu"Tasting": 130 €
Menu "The dinner of princes": 145 €
Menu "The dinner of the dukes": 100 € 

Where? 20 Rue Baillet Reviron 78000 VERSAILLES

When? Until December 31, from Thursday to Saturday from 7:30PM to 11PM.

On the menu: A year, period menu in 3 or 5 dishes for adults with a play at the table and a costume loaned to children.

5. Atelier du savoir-vivre

A course of French savoir-vivre at the Versaillaise with cultural and fun workshops around French savoir-vivre.
Discovery fare (1h-1h30):
65/55 € in group 75 € in individual
Introductory fare (2h): 85 € in group and 130/100 € in individual
Prestige fare (3h): 150 € in group and 200/180 € in individual 

Where? 25 rue de l'Orangerie 78000 VERSAILLES 

When? Tuesday, Thursday, Friday : 9AM – 4:30PM and Saturday and Sunday: 9AM – 12AM.

6. Versailles events : Segway ride

Versailles Events offers guided Segway tours in the Park of the Palace of Versailles.

Segway tour
Price 1h:
35 €
Price 2h: 55 € 

Where? 8 rue de la Chancellerie 78000 VERSAILLES 

When? From Tuesday to Sunday: 10AM – 6PM.


7. Office shop

Find all these gifts at the Tourist Office of Versailles.
2 bis Avenue de Paris 78000 Versailles

DS Games

 « Marie-Antoinette and the american war of independence »  28€

Unmask the traitors around you and save the queen!
In 1781, you are plunged with Oscar during the American War of Independence. Begins aboard the Hermione a thrilling investigation, made of diplomatic intrigues, naval battles and dark conspiracies.


« Versailles : the visit » 22€
You will follow the most complete itinerary that you can imagine, the one that only a movie can travel in one hour


« Walks in the gardens and grounds of Versailles» 9€
This complete and illustrated guide is enriched by a map, essential help to visit the gardens of Versailles, as well as the castles of Trianon and the domain of Marie Antoinette.