Versailles in autumn colors

Autumn, a very beautiful season to take pictures with reddening colors. With its large area of ​​parks, gardens and forests, Versailles is the ideal place to take beautiful autumn photos.

Follow the guide and discover our 7 best places where you can take pictures for instagram in Versailles this fall  >>>

1. The park of the Palace of Versailles

Surrounded by trees that will soon take their autumnal colors, the park of the Palace of Versailles is the ideal place to take beautiful autumn photos.

How to get there

Access directly into the park from the Queen's door on the Boulevard de la Reine or from the sailors' gate from the Saint-Cyr road.

2. The antiquarian district

With its warm colors, the antiquarian district is revealed under the eyes of photographers in the fall.

How to get there

Rue du Bailliage - Passage de la Geôle 

3. Marie-Antoinette's Estate 

Real paradise of peace, the village of the queen is adorned with reddish colors in autumn.

How to get there

You will arrive directly to the Marie Antoinette's Estate from the door of the queen on the boulevard de la Reine.

4. The Avenue de Paris

Lined with lime tree and plane tree, the widest avenue in France is adorned with orange leaves on the floor. With the Versailles Palace in the background, the Avenue de Paris is a good place to illustrate autumn in Versailles.

5. The King's kitchen garden

Pumpkins, apples, pears ... you'll find so many seasonal fruits and vegetables in autumnal colors in the King's kitchen Garden.

How to get there

10 Rue du Maréchal Joffre, 78000 Versailles

6. Balbi park

Strolling in this park of Versailles, immortalise the autumn colors of this English garden, its river, its viewpoint and its great cave.

How to get there

12 Rue du Maréchal Joffre, 78000 Versailles

7. Hoche Square

The famous octagonal square whose architecture has been copied many times, is adorned with its autumn clothes to the delight of the eyes of the most demanding tourists.

Have fun immortalizing the fall in Versailles, and do not forget to share your photos with us using #VersaillesTourisme