A lovely souvenir of your holidays in Versailles

At a time when email, social networks, and other platforms allow us to share photos instantly, the classic postcard that we once sent to our loved ones to tell them about our holidays has lost its appeal. It's come to be considered less personal than a photo and even a bit of a cliché.

But it's now back in fashion, since you can snap a selfie and use it to create your own personalised postcard. A mixture of the old and the new, this service means you can revive this lovely tradition. 

Personalising your postcard couldn't be easier!.

Take a selfie anywhere – in front of the Palace of Versailles, in front of Saint Louis Cathedral, in Place Hoche, or even from high up at the Rampe Saint Martin with its incredible views – and then make your way to a Peeksprint terminal and start printing.


So now you have no more excuses not to drop a line to your family and friends to tell them all about your stay in Versailles. They will love your autographed photo!

The service is available at the tourist office at 2 bis Avenue de Paris. You won't miss the big blue terminal that's eagerly awaiting your selfies, so get clicking!

Newsflash! The Peeksprint terminal has gone on holiday to Paris-Plages. We will let you know as soon as it returns :)