More than just a means of locomotion, the horse is a symbol of power and freedom, as Louis XIV fully understood. In addition to constructing vast stables in a horseshoe shape at the very heart of Versailles, the Sun King assembled a fleet of 10,000 horses so the Court could travel. No fewer than 300 horses were set aside for hunting and outdoor activities. The King himself had a personal collection of 30 exceptional horses.

What better place than Versailles to indulge in this historical passion for horses?

To discover this world, stroll past the immense stables that today house the Ecole Nationale d’Architecture et la Maréchalerie. On the other side, enter the Great Stables and the National Equestrian Academy of Versailles directed by Bartabas. A place for training and display, the Academy teaches horse riders from across the world the skills and sensitivity needed when it comes to listening to their animals and exercising patience, all under the tutelage of the celebrated trainer, Bartabas.

Lavish shows will take you to a dream world where rider and horse evolve in complete harmony. Displays on Saturdays at 6 pm and Sundays at 3 pm.

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