In solo, in duo or in family, discover the must-see of your summer 2018 in Versailles. Apart from the classics such as the palace, the gardens and the Royal Tennis Court,  Jeu de Paume room, you should not leave Versailles without having done these must-do. Discover them now :

1. Stroll at Notre-Dame market

Fill up your bag with fresh produce, enjoy the delicious scents of fresh fruit and summer flowers ... A delicious moment awaits you in the heart of the Notre-Dame district!

2. A carriage ride in Versailles

Every sunday of July and August 2018, travel into the past during a ride in a horse-drawn carriage in the city of the Sun King! 

3. Shows at the Palace of Versailles

Whether day or night, you should not miss the shows at the Palace of Versailles. "The Musical Fountains Shows", "the Night Fountains Shows", "Marie-Antoinette", young and old  will be amazed in front of these fountains playing, lights and fireworks.

4. The Tea Room at the King's Vegetable Garden

After your visit to the King's Vegetable Garden, take a break at the Nina's Marie-Antoinette Summer Tea Room for delicious tea and ice-cream.

5. Take a boat ride on the Grand Canal

In front of the Palace of Versailles, embark for a refreshing ride in this majestic park. Rent a small boat and relax on the grand canal!

6. Lunch on a terrace rue de Satory

Have a break on the Saint-Louis side in the pedestrian street of Satory and enjoy the beautiful rays of the sun. Many restaurants offer terraces to chill during a meal.

7. Cycling Versailles

Bicycle tour in nature or around the city, the choice is yours : 

  • Climb on your bike and explore the shady walkways of the 800 hectares park of Versailles.
  • Follow the 70 kilometers of cycle paths to reach the main historical monuments of the city. 

8. Picnic in a park

Versailles offers many parks in which you can picnic at the beginning of the sunny days. Park Balbi, Park of the Palace, Pièce d'Eau des Suisses,  the Estate of Madame Elisabeth, Garden of Scents ... you are spoiled for choice for your picnic.

9. Celebrate the National Holiday

After a busy day in the city of Versailles, celebrate the Bastille Day on July 13 from 9 pm to 1 am at the ball organized on the market square Notre-Dame.

10. A souvenir selfie from the St Martin ramp

Do not forget your little selfie souvenir of Versailles. For a photo with an unobstructed view of the whole city, go to the ramp St Martin (at the top of the street Marshal Joffre)!