Discover five good reasons to pop in and see us at either of our Versailles Tourist Offices.

The Tourist Office on Avenue de Paris

Our first office is on the left on the way to the Palace of Versailles. What are you waiting for? Stop by today!


1. For advice, great itineraries and recommended activities in the historic districts of the town of Versailles

Versailles is full of charming places just waiting to be discovered, so let our advisors tell you about all the best spots in the royal town, off the beaten track.

2. For our choice of genuine Versailles souvenirs

You'll find a wide range of authentic products in the colours of Versailles.

3. For personalised postcards... print them out at our Peeksprint terminal

Take a selfie in front of the Palace, in the Hall of Mirrors, beside the Saint Louis Cathedral or at Place Hoche. Then print your unique postcard and send it to your family and friends.

4. For our bureau de change

Do you need to buy some local currency? The staff at our bureau de change are at your service.

5. For free Wi-Fi

Addicted to your phone or social media? With our free Wi-Fi, you can let your friends know that you've arrived safe and sound in Versailles.

The Tourist Office on Rue du Jeu du Paume

In this historic district of Versailles, our advisors are on hand to welcome you with a smile, and help you to discover the alternative Versailles.

1. It's the ideal spot to start your sightseeing trip of the Saint Louis district.

Situated at the heart of the historic Saint Louis district, our advisors will recommend the best walks and trails that this artists' quarter has to offer.

2. We are right beside the famous Royal Tennis Court

Come and discover the place where the French Revolution was born.

3. For the interactive digital display

Try our interactive digital display for a personalised virtual tour of the town. Use it to learn more about your favourite historic monuments in a fun and different way.

4. For its exhibition space

Until 16 December, you can see our exhibition "Artisans of the Saint Louis District".

5. For a bird's-eye view of Versailles

Discover Versailles from above with an aerial view in our projection room.