Classé en catégorie II, nous mettons tout en œuvre pour vous accueillir et vous proposer des services de qualité tout au long de l’année

Classed in category II, we make every effort to welcome you and provide you with high-quality services throughout the year

In order to improve our welcome even further, here are our 19 commitments:

1)    To provide a reception area and information area that are easily accessible.

2)    To assist you.

3)    To provide seating so you can sit down.

4)    To provide you with free information about the local tourist attractions.

5)    To provide you with access to free Wi-Fi.

6)    To display and publicise the opening hours in at least two languages.

7)    To be open at least 240 days per year, including Saturdays and Sundays during the tourist season or events.

8)    To reply to your letters and emails all year round.

9)    To provide a permanent hospitality service staffed by employees who speak at least two languages.

10)    To ensure that paper-based tourist maps and guides are available.

11)    To provide you with a trilingual website.

12)    To also publicise paper-based tourist information translated into at least two languages relating to:
‐ All listed tourist accommodation, including at least the name of the establishment, the postal address, email address, website address, phone number and classification
‐ The monuments and cultural, natural or leisure tourism sites, which may contain an indication of the normal admission prices, opening times for the general public, the website and the phone number and postal address
‐ Events and activities
‐ Emergency phone numbers.

13)    To update our tourist information every year.

14)    To display emergency phone numbers so they can be seen from the outside.

15)    To present suitable offers within our remit to all customers.

16)    To handle your complaints and measure your customer satisfaction.

17)    To provide a high-quality approach.

18)    To provide a visitor advisor.

19)    To guarantee the reliability and accuracy of information on local tourist attractions.

What is the label Qualité Tourisme (Quality Tourism)?

Since 2005 the Quality Tourism label has been awarded to Tourist Information Centres who engage in a high-quality approach at a national level to ensure visitor satisfaction. All sectors that welcome visitors are included: hotels, tourist accommodation, camp sites, restaurants, cafés and brasseries, travel agents, local attractions and activities.

It provides visitors with an identifiable label to help them choose establishments with confidence that provide high-quality services guaranteed by the French state.

The Quality Tourism label:

  • Provides visitors with a guarantee about the quality of the welcome and service on offer
  • Boosts the image of the profession and the Tourist Information Centre
  • Mobilises and encourages professionals to provide high-quality service
  • Supports the profession in improving the quality of its services
  • Encourages improvements and better performance in the organisation

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