Physical disability

We provide:

- A disabled parking space in front of the Tourist Information Centre
- A dedicated reception area: a desk and display stand at an appropriate height
- Fully equipped toilets with handrail

Documentation :
Map of routes with disabled access in the town of Versailles

Discover the adapted offer for Versailles for people with mobility issues here: Accessible Versailles 

Visual impairment

We provide:
- Documentation in Braille and a 3D map
- A large print brochure

Documentation :
Discover Versailles – Visual impairment 

Hearing impairment

We provide:
- An audio induction loop for people with hearing aids, with sound amplifier for people who are hard of hearing
- A map with visuals indicating tourist attractions in Versailles

Documentation :
Discover Versailles – Hearing impairment

Learning disability

We provide:
- Suitable signage with pictograms to help with understanding the topics of the brochures on display.
A simplified map of Versailles

Documentation :
Discover Versailles – Learning disability

The Tourist Information Centre is also registered with the website Handistrict, which aims to list all sites with disabled access.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.