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Versailles cuisine

Discover the deliciously quirky culinary history of Versailles!

The Kings and Queens of France were known for their sweet tooth. Louis XIII was very partial to jam, especially at the end of a meal, while Louis XIV had a strong predilection for sugar-coated chestnuts and pastries. Louis XV soon showed a fondness for hot chocolate and never tired of extolling its fortifying, aphrodisiac and invigorating effects, while Marie-Antoinette had an unbridled passion for macaroons, which soon became her culinary motif.

Versailles: A centre of power and influence

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Versailles was a centre of global attention. The art it produced was imitated throughout France and Europe, and the French spoken there became the language of culture and diplomacy. Court fashions were adopted everywhere, while the policies pursued by the King kept all of Europe in a state of suspense.

Green Versailles

Versailles has been considered a "garden town" since the 1660s. The writer Madeleine de Scudéry was so enthralled by the Sun King's achievements that she wrote: "I have seen many grand houses in various parts of Europe, but I never seen one such as [the Palace of Versailles], surrounded by gardens on all sides


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