Discover museums in the city

There is nothing like a rainy day to explore less visited places.

Enter the Gallery of Coaches and discover the grandiose setting of the King's Great Stables. You'll be able to admire magnificent coaches, sedan chairs or sleds, used during royal times...

Relive History by visiting the Royal Tennis Court in the historical Saint-Louis area. The French Revolution was born there, when deputies gathered on June 20, 1789 and swore to give France a new constitution.

The surprising Lambinet Museum is housed in a former 18th century town house and is situated in the historical Notre-Dame area. This discreet museum actually holds remarkable collections of artworks around the French Revolution, 18th century decorative art objects and a great variety of paintings and sculptures.

Keep yourself toasty and dry

Rain took you by surprise while you were strolling along the park of the Palace? Take refuge at La Flotille or at La Petite Venise for a well-deserved hot chocolate! You are in for a treat as you wait for a lull...

Feeling like more than just a drink? We have just the perfect place for you to rest while you dry : the Montbauron pub and its 24 pool tables await you ! Come and relax in a cosy atmosphere around the cocktail bar. Lunch is served Monday through Friday, and dinner every night. A good game of pool will make you forget about the rain...

Go shopping in Notre-Dame

With more than a hundred boutiques in the historical Notre-Dame area, you won't even notice the rain ! Treat yourself in modern shops, and find the rare gem in vintage ones...

Activities and workshops

Your stay in Versailles is coming up soon, but the weather forecast sounds rainy? These are some indoor activities you can do.

Costumes et Châteaux will take you on a journey to the 18th century for a photo shoot in period costume. Whether you're with family or friends, this is a royal experience everyone will remember !

Come and cook delicious meals at the Culinary Workshop of Patricia, situated in the heart of Versailles on the Notre-Dame marketplace. Cuisine classics or pastry desserts, which one will you prefer?

At the Atelier du Savoir-vivre, you will learn everything about the "French etiquette", an art born in Versailles... Your coach France de Heere has been living in Versailles for a long time, and she will teach you all you need to know about the origins and basic rules of the French elegance and "art de vivre".

Current exhibitions

Exhibitions are a convenient way to take cover while learning new things.

You can see all current exhibitions by looking at the agenda and clicking on "Filter" then "Exhibition and museum".