Escape Game : Escape or Die

Cultural activity at Versailles
  • The Escape Game phenomenon in Versailles. Choose from two adventures and prove your puzzle-solving prowess in this exciting and immersive experience.

    You have been held captive for 16 days in complete darkness and you are starting to lose it. Hunger, cold and fear have been eating away at what little remains of your physical and mental strength. You have alredy tried to escape once. The sheer thought of that last attempt makes you shiver with fear. You are absolutely certain that your tormentor would kill you if you tried to flee again.

    A sudden sound wakes you abruptly from your daydreams. You spot the fiend’s car driving away along a tree-lined road. You are alone in the house, if only for a moment. Escape or die? You have already made up your mind…
  • Spoken languages
    • English
  • All year
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