Versailles City Sightseeing Tour

Cultural ,  Historic at Versailles
Ville de Versailles
  • This is a must-do discovery tour of the town of Versailles, true showcase of the château ! Crisscross the historic neighborhoods of Notre-Dame and Saint-Louis : you won't get over the number of heritage buildings they enclose.

    Explore the historic Notre-Dame and Saint-Louis districts: you will be amazed at the number of historical monuments they contain! Your walk will take you from the royal stables to the sumptuous churches built by the kings, from the picturesque little houses of the Saint-Louis market to the King's vegetable garden, from the playroom of the palm to the surprising neighborhood of the old jail ...

    Bilingual Tour (French / English)
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  • From April 29, 2017 to April 29, 2017
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    10 €
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    5 €
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