10 reasons to come back to Versailles in 2020

Even if you already visited it, Versailles can surprise you at every moment and during every seasons.
With its various exhibitions, its restaurants with constantly renewed menus and its nature full of treasures in the heart of the city, I can fully guarantee that Versailles will surprise you again in 2020.
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1. Because of its gastronomic restaurants

In Versailles, you won’t ever be starving ! You will find various restaurants with a mouth-watering cuisine and with pleasant locations! Do you want to eat in the park of the Palace of Versailles? It is possible! To eat at a few steps away from the halls of Notre Dame Market and observe the turmoil of what is going on there? It is possible too! Fans of good food will find what they are looking for, especially with unparalleled gastronomic restaurants. In Versailles, there are the Pincemin which has the Assiette Michelin distinction and la Table du 11 which is a one-star restaurant. If you want to find a good restaurant, I recommend you to consult our list of restaurants.
2. For its royal experience

If you want to live a royal experience, there is no doubt, it is in Versailles that you should spend your time. With its luxury hotels, you are going to make people envious. Besides, in 2021, you will have the privilege to discover the new luxury hotel: Le Grand Contrôle des Airelles Hotel. Located in the Palace of Versailles, you will roam the Palace and the Petit Trianon during private tours. You will also have a direct access to the gardens and to the Orangerie. With its 14 rooms and apartments you will be certain to have a surprising, authentic and intimate experience. To improve your stay, you will also have the possibility to spend time to the Spa of the Maison Valmont or to enjoy delightful meals prepared by the chef Alain Ducasse which will make you spend a moment out of time.  
3. To discover the new exhibition of the Musée Lambinet

For those who do not know the Musée Lambinet, it is a former mansion house of the XVIIth century. It was built for a building contractor of Louis XV. In 1929, the Lambinet family bequeathed it to the city of Versailles in order to use it as a museum opened to the public in 1932. In this museum, you will have the opportunity to discover paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, furnitures and pieces of art from Renaissance till XXth century.  At the beginning of the year, the museum housed the exhibition “One Hundred Portraits for a Century” which gathered almost fifty portraits painted and drawned, showing the art of living of the XVIIIth century. My little finger told me that you are also going to appreciate the next exhibition of the museum which is going to take place from the 16th of May till the 26th of July 2020! This temporary exhibition will be named “Versailles during the XXth century, muse of the artists”.  
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4. To enjoy the calm of the town and its nature

Personally, the thing I prefer in Versailles, is its important part of nature in the city center. During the summer season, you can laze around some parks; you can also have a picnic or contemplate the nature moving around you. To enjoy it fully, there are plenty of solutions! You can spend a night in the Camping Huttopia, in its superb chalets, where you will enjoy fresh air and have some rest with your family.
You can also go hiking and do natural strolls with Naturez-vous. Discover a detailed article right here. Families are going to appreciate the number of open air activities like strolls by Segway, horse riding, a bark tour on the Grand Canal… 
5. To review your good manners

If you come to Versailles, you should review your classics! Let’s meet France de Heere during a workshop around the knowledge of French living. You will also learn the art of greeting and introducing, how to take care of your image, the French gallantry, the French culinary art and many others! Do not hesitate to review your french art-de-vivre and the etiquette required at the court of Louis XIVth.
6. To relax and laze around

Another incredible experience in Versailles: the Guerlain Spa! Located in the heart of the luxurious Trianon Palace, a five-star hotel of Versailles, you should prepare yourself to enter in a place of peace and luxury. With its 2800 m², you will not have a lack of space to enjoy the covered and heated swimming pool, its hammam and its sauna. Let yourself be tempted by an exceptional care which will help you to relax and be transported somewhere else.
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7. To wear a beautiful costume

We can say that in Versailles, the art to wear a costume and to party is ancestral. In fact, everything began with Louis XIVth who organized many spectacular parties in the Palace of Versailles. You should know that even today, you can participate to festivities inside the Palace such as The Grand Masked Ball or the Fêtes Galantes. But, there is no way, you come with your classic clothes. You will have to be dressed with your finest ornaments. You can count on many costume shops scattered all around the city to find the perfect costume and the one which would make you travel through the XVIIth century.
8. To discover the Palace listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and its gardens  

One of the essentials of the city is of course the Palace of Versailles and its gardens. If you want to visit it, you should obtain the one-day pass or the two-day pass to fully explore it. During the morning, you can walk in the footsteps of the great kings of France in the Palace and, during the afternoon, you can walk through the Queen Hamlet or Marie-Antoinette Estate. If you choose the two-day pass, you will have more time to explore the city of Versailles and to take advantage of a discount on the King’s Kitchen Garden or the shows of the Equestrian Academy of Versailles.
9. To increase your knowledge about Street Art

A lot of people think that Versailles is a royal city which can look like pretty classic or conservative. However, our beautiful city of Versailles can show many facets.
Discover amazing and artistic pieces of art turned to the history of the city. In fact, different artists recently achieve many street art works scattered everywhere in the city. With the Tourist Office, you can participate to a visit to discover some of them in the heart of Versailles. But, if you are curious and if you have time, do not hesitate to go to the city of Jussieu to discover its frescos broaden on entire walls and which invite to the daydream and reflection. To find out more about it, here is an article about Street art
10. To discover the cradle of the electro music

If you are a fan of electro music, it will not be a surprise for you. If you are not familiar with this musical style, you may learn something today.
In fact, Versailles is the city where many electro talents emerge, especially during the 2000’s. Sofia Coppola’s films spotlighted the music of some bands such as Air or Phoenix. You can also listen to the titles of Saint-Michel who was born in Versailles too. Some events continue to be created like the Versailles Electrochic Festival or Versailles Electro in the Palace of Versailles which is a good opportunity for the electro artists to perform and to share their knowledge. Electro music, this modern music style, has been completely absorbed by the city. We can notice it through the video published by the Palace of Versailles which invited the artist Thylacine to record the sonic atmosphere of the monument: the cracks of the floor, noises of the locks and all the universe inside. The result is pretty unprecedented and I recommend you to discover it!  
Written by Adélaïde
Published on Monday January 10, 2022 at 15:34