Versailles on We Chat

Communicate on China's main social network WeChat with the Tourist Office

WeChat, China's number 1 social network with 890 million users, is a must-have tool to reach Chinese individual customers because it represents the first source of 'travel' information for Chinese millennials.
The Tourist Office has recently opened an account 'Destination Versailles' to gain visibility with this growing public that travels individually and needs help to better organize his visit to Versailles, and encourage him to stay longer and spend money.

Beyond pages of pure information about our destination, we will put in place various devices to promote this account, to gain visibility and users.

One of these actions will consist in the diffusion of 2 publications per month, which will be pushed towards the WeChat users having indicated the intention to go to France. These publications are open to our members who wish to communicate on the Chinese market.
Another of these actions will concern online sales on this support: Chinese customers can pay in Yuan, and the service provider will be paid in euros.

If you are interested,  please contact Marion Mangematin so that she can explain the modalities of participation, and give you a WeChat  QR code sticker.