Royal Chapel Concert : Haendel, Israel in Egypt


Friday 15 March 2019


Location : Chapelle Royale
  • La fuite en Egypte de la Sainte Famille


Program :

Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759)
Israël in Egypt
In Handel’s career, Israel in Egypt is an exception: begun in 1739, only three days after he finished writing Saul, this new oratorio written on sacred texts (like Messiah, but 2 years earlier) was intended to be shown in theatres. What is more, Handel placed 28 choirs and only 4 arias and 3 duets in this composition; an unprecedented balance, which surprised the audience of the first performance, already shocked by this religious music performed in a secular venue like an opera.

The work became a favourite in the following centuries, with large-scale and unifying, almost patriotic, interpretations. Today, Israel in Egypt is mainly a wonderful choral celebration, depicting realistically the Plagues of Egypt and the Crossing of the Red Sea, the waters parted by Moses finally crashing onto Pharaoh’s army: Hollywood before its time assuredly!

Václav Luks and his Collegium 1704 are the interpreters of this work, deploying the wealth of its choral complexity and highlighting Handel’s extraordinary creative palette.
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    • Concert
    • Opera
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    • Classical music


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Prestige VIP Category: Best seats in house with complimentary glass of champagne and programme.

Reduced rate applicable to under 26s, and Chateau de Versailles Spectacles card holders.
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Chapelle Royale
Concert à la Chapelle Royale : Haendel, Israël en Egypte
Château de Versailles
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