The concept

The Greeters programme is a free service that relies on volunteers. It is coordinated by Versailles Tourist Information Centre and is part of its mission to welcome visitors and provide them with information.

You will be able to meet a local, who will show you their favourite places and lifestyle. Each Greeter will offer you a tailor-made guided tour of Versailles.

Whether you’re with family, friends or your other half, and whether you have a whole afternoon or just an hour, Greeters will welcome you in Versailles.

All tours take place under the Greeters charter.

Meet our Greeters:


" Je vous propose un parcours dans les quartiers Notre Dame et Saint Louis : la ville voulue par Louis XIV et la qualité de vie que j'y ressens comme habitante (bonnes adresses) avec évocation des autres quartiers de Versailles et de son évolution urbanistique. "


"Je serais très heureux de vous accueillir pour une balade amusante et décontractée à la découverte des histoires insolites, des curiosités et de l'ambiance attachante de Versailles ; et vous faire partager le plaisir d'une promenade dans ses rues pleines de charme."

Drawing of Guillemette, Greeter in Versailles


"Passionate for her city, she will share with you her favourite places in the Saint-Louis area: the cathedral, the Carrés and picturesque boutiques..."

Jean-Luc, Greeter in Versailles


"Passionate for history, good cuisine and town planning, Jean-Luc will show you the different neighbourhoods of Versailles and top tips to visit the city."

Isabelle, Greeter in Versailles


"Isabelle invites you to stroll throught the streets of Versailles and will show you the marketplace and the finest eating venues. Want to go for a jog in the morning? That's also an option!"

Benjamin, Greeter in Versailles


"Benjamin likes to tell stories about Versailles. He will show you the secrets of Versailles neighbourhoods, as well as his favourite eating venues!"

Jean-Paul, Greeter in Versailles


"Jean-Paul will take you on a walk through the streets and the parks of the city, while meeting local people. Leave the Palace for just a moment and discover the real Versailles!"

Anita, Greeter in Versailles


"Let's stroll together through the streets of Versailles and discover the city's curiosities and anecdotes, away from the Palace's shadows."