Visit and explore Versailles, the royal town

The royal town has so much to offer. Known throughout the world for its magnificent palace and historical links with the French monarchy, Versailles has a whole host of other attractions on offer too. Come and re-live the history of France and the splendour of the Louis XIV era through the historic districts, cultural heritage, extraordinary locations and spectacular festivals and performances of Versailles.

If you'd like a country getaway just a stone's throw from Paris, Versailles is the place for you. It's brimming with parks and gardens, and perfect for a relaxing mini-break, or a sporty weekend away.

Whether you decide to come to Versailles for one or two days or more, to travel solo or as a couple or family, you will be spoilt for choice.

Before you set off on your trip or getaway to Versailles, use the information sections below to help you plan your break.