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Do you want to visit Versailles with your family or friends, and are you a group of more than 10? To really enjoy your stay, it is vital to prepare well for your trip – group travel needs some forward planning!

Each group has different expectations, interests and budgets

Our team is here to help, and can provide you with a tailor-made programme, created especially for you. Experts in Versailles and its Palace, our guides will take you back in time and make your visit a truly memorable occasion.

A couple of words to thank your guide, who we were lucky to have and who really made all the difference. He introduced us to whole periods of French history and your town – to the Palace of course, and in particular Louis XV and Louis XVI, but far more. I also wanted to thank him not only for his knowledge, but for the way he really inspired our interest and hugely added to our enjoyment of the trip. He mesmerized us with his knowledge, as well as his originality, the quality of his presentation, his thoroughness and professionalism. He left us wanting to find out more, hear more, discover more. I wanted to tell you all that, because this visit really was a joy. A huge thank you!


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