Live like locals by strolling around the market stalls in a friendly atmosphere... During the week or on the weekend, you will always find a market on one of the many marketplaces Versailles has!

Fresh products, flowers, clothes or furniture, you can find everything!

© Ville de Versailles

Notre-Dame market

The Notre-Dame market is the oldest marketplace in Versailles. Built under Louis XIII's reign, it is now considered as the second largest market in France and overflows with fresh local products. This marketplace has kept the lively ambience and quality products it has always been known for!


Opening times for the covered Notre-Dame market:

Tuesday to Saturday from 7AM to 7:30PM. Sunday from 7AM to 2PM.

Opening times for the open-air Notre-Dame market:

Food market:
Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 7AM to 2PM.

Non-food market: 
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11AM to 7PM.

Other markets in Versailles

Saint-Louis market

This traditional market on the Saint-Louis cathedral's marketplace is open twice a week, with organic producers on Saturday morning.

Opening times for the Saint-Louis market: 

Thursday and Saturday from 7:30AM to 1:30PM.

Porchefontaine market

Situated on the Square Lamôme

Opening times for the Porchefontaine market:

Wednesday and Saturday from 7:30AM to 1:30PM.

Montreuil market

Situated on the Rue Claude Debussy

Opening times for the Montreuil market:

Saturday from 7AM to 1:30PM.

Flower market

Situated on a median strip on the Avenue de Saint-Cloud. 

Opening times for the flower market: 

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 8AM to 7PM and on Sunday morning.