Away from all the ceremony of the Palace, Marie-Antionette's Estate consists of the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon and, most favoured of all, the Hamlet.

Visiting Marie-Antoinette's Estate is essential to understand the spirit of Versailles as a whole. Allow 2 hours for your visit.

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The Grand Trianon

You are sure to fall under the undeniable charm of the Grand Trianon built in 1687 by Jules Hardouin Mansart so that Louis XIV could escape all the ceremony of the Court and relax in the company of his ladies. Both intimate and refined, the Italian-inspired pink marble palace exudes poetry and invites you to wander at leisure. Imagine that the Grand Trianon at this time was surrounded by thousands of flowers in pots that were changed every day to create a unique display of colours and scents.

Frequented by Napoleon Bonaparte and the French Presidents who succeeded him, the Grand Trianon remains an oasis of peace to this day, only a stone's throw from the Palace.

The Petit Trianon

Refined, elegant and far from the tumult of royal life, the Petit Trianon resembles Marie-Antoinette in every respect. Hidden by long tree-lined walks and avenues, the Petit Trianon gradually reveals its treasures. Once inside, it's easy to imagine the life that Marie-Antoinette must have had. On the first floor, visit the gaming and leisure rooms, the Queen's private apartments and her astonishing room of movable mirrors.

Outside, take your time to admire the beauty of the English garden and to share a romantic moment in the Temple of Love. Don't forget to visit the Queen's Theatre where Marie-Antoinette took to the stage in many very private performances.

The Queen's Hamlet

In contrast to life at Court, Marie-Antoinette had a real Norman village constructed. You'll be surprised to find peasant-style housing at the heart of the Versailles Estate. Eleven houses around a large lake overlooked by a lighthouse. Come and enjoy the peace and tranquillity that this Hamlet still exudes today.

Your children will enjoy the cows, goats, horses, pigs and chickens that still occupy the site. Introduce your children to nature at the educational farm and enjoy your time together in a sumptuous setting.

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