Versailles is often known as the Sun King's town. But don't think that everything stops when the sun goes down.

After a day's visiting, take a moment to stop and look around. Have you noticed how the light changes and gives Versailles a completely different appearance? Narrow streets reveal themselves, monuments express their character, while others are beautifully bathed in light.

Take another look at that square in the distance surrounded by greenery. Have you noticed how the only sound disturbing this tranquil scene is that of people seated on a terrace or the laugh of a child at play? Head for that square and step inside one of Versailles' restaurants where a multitude of culinary delights await you.

After dinner, take a leaf out of the diary of Louis XIV, and spend your evening at a show, at the theatre or enjoying a game of billiards.

The Théâtre Montansier, the Royale Factory, the Royal Chapel and even the gardens of Versailles will be pleased to welcome you for an evening's entertainment.

Perhaps you would prefer to try your hand at Louis XIV's favourite game? Then head for one of the billiard rooms at Le Montbauron.

This is just the place to simply relax over a drink or two as well.  Among all the bars in Versailles, you're sure to find one to your taste.

At the end of the evening and on your way back to your room, savour the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Versailles and remember to cast one final glance over this captivating town. Close your eyes and bring to mind that you have just spent a day following in the footsteps of people who shaped history... until you set out again tomorrow.

Travel back in time and be royally entertained over dinner

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