When you come to Versailles, the world famous Palace is generally top of the agenda! But don't miss out on Versailles itself. The charming city of Versailles has plenty of other attractions you can include on your TO DO LIST this spring!

With spring in full bloom and the return of fine weather, we certainly look forward to getting out into the open once again. And there's no shortage of outdoor activities in Versailles! Here are some activity ideas for you to enjoy over one or several days.

The Palace of Versailles and its gardens in the spring

Family and romantic walks ...

After visiting the Palace, why not relax in the park and gardens? The park and gardens have a wide range of activities on offer.

On your own, with your family or a loved one, you can take a boat trip on the Grand Canal, or you can hire a bike or Segway to explore the grounds around the Palace. Time to relax in royal surroundings!

You can take a 30-minute tour of the Grand Canal, enjoy a picnic or explore the 800 hectares of parkland. Everything you need for a breath of fresh air in the green and relaxing surroundings of Versailles.

Shows at the Palace of Versailles

Fireworks and night shows in the gardens of Versailles © T.Nava

The Musical Fountains Show and Musical Gardens will enliven your walk through the Palace gardens to the rhythm of music and jets of water. Young and old alike will be captivated by the beauty of the groves seen as a backdrop to the fountain shows, and the technical prowess behind the firework displays on Orangerie Nights. Discover the shows "Verdi : Requiem" and "Marie-Antoinette", staged for your very great pleasure.



A break in the green city of the Sun King

Spring is often the time to recharge our batteries and enjoy a breath of fresh air as the fine weather returns.

Come and discover the local markets in Versailles, they are known to be the best in the region! Relax and stroll among the stalls, full of fresh products...

Don't miss the Antiquarian district, just next to the Notre-Dame marketplace! Take a walk around this historic area, where you can admire beautiful and rare objects presented by the 50 antique dealers.

Versailles is a green city with numerous parks and gardens, belonging to the Estate of Versailles, and surrounded by forests. You can go on a walk or tour by foot or by bike.

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Unmissable sporting events this spring

Versailles hosts many major sporting events in the spring.

Whether you're an amateur or an accomplished athlete, whether you're looking for some fun or want to pit yourself against the clock, Versailles hosts some important events in May and June 2018.

The Versailles Triathlon Festival includes several runs on May 12th and 13th, 2018.​

  • Duathlon Familial en Duo
  • Triathlon des Suisses (Distance XS Découverte)
  • Swimrun (Court & Long)
  • Triathlon de la Reine (Distance S)
  • Triathlon du Roi (Distance S) 

For this 2018 edition, the Go Sport Running Tour has 4 races on June 17th, 2018 in the park of the Palace of Versailles.

  • Run "Royale": 15 kms
  • Run "Princesses": 8 kms
  • Run "Château": 2 kms
  • Run "Chevaliers": 400 m

Time-out on the terrace

After a busy day in Versailles, why not take some time out on one of the city's many terraces? Often located in pedestrianised areas, they're an inviting space to relax over a drink or to enjoy a meal in the city centre of Versailles. See our delightful selection of terraces situated in both the St Louis and Notre Dame districts of Versailles below.