Explore a different side to Versailles. Away from the jostling crowds of tourists at the Palace of Versailles, it's still possible to discover new experiences inspired by the age of kings.

What better place than Versailles to take photos in period costume, to reveal the secrets of French etiquette, to uncover palace intrigue?

Bring your camera and your sense of fun and follow the guide ...

The French art de vivre reveals its secrets ...

Ah, good French manners! It was at the French court that the use of the fork was introduced in the 16th century, but it was then principally used to spear a piece of food from the dish. Just like his contemporaries, Louis XIV still preferred to use his knife, his spoon and his fingers! Luckily, everything changed with his successor ...

Versailles is a town rich in history and is the ideal setting for exploring the origins and rules of etiquette, elegance and the French art de vivre.​

Aiming to preserve tradition and their treasured cultural heritage, France de Heere welcomes you to a private apartment right in the heart of the historic quarter of Saint Louis, not far from the Palace of Versailles.

Discover how to use the right cutlery and how to arrange it correctly, and master the art of creating a beautiful table setting, French-style. Understand dress codes and be perfectly attired for every occasion. Brush up on your manners with a course in French etiquette.

In the setting of its Savoir-Vivre studio, France de Heere offers two dedicated 1.5 hour workshops:

  • The French etiquette course

From €85 per adult, based on 2 participants; from €60 per child

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  • The Marie Antoinette workshop (costumed event; you will collect your costumes beforehand from their partner Costumes et Châteaux) 

From €190 per adult, based on 2 participants; from €170 per child

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Become a king or queen for a day ...

After visiting the Palace of Versailles, why not keep the magic going? Head to the square in front of the Cathedral of Saint Louis for an extraordinary experience in this special place.

Take a trip back in time and immerse yourself for a while in the 18th century.

Costumes et Châteaux have a large selection of costumes and accessories for a truly magical photo shoot.

From €40 per adult and €30 per child

Dance like royalty ...

Les 3 muses offer introductory classes to the dance of kings. What better place to learn baroque dance than Versailles?

Les 3 muses offer intensive courses and private tuition to introduce you to the art of baroque dance, giving you a real flavour of the special atmosphere of royal Versailles.

Experience an evening at court ...

Relive the mysteries of the court at a dinner show. Witness some of the greatest intrigues that took place in the French court, immerse yourself in its pomp and splendour.

On your own, as a couple or with your family, interact with the performers throughout your meal at the Restaurant Théâtre ReminiSens. 

Baroque atmosphere guaranteed!

Horse ride in the palace grounds ...

The team at Horse in the City specialises in tailored riding experiences and offers unique, private rides in the beautiful grounds of the Palace of Versailles.

Meet at 9.30am for a welcome coffee, then set out for a 2-hour ride through 815 hectares to discover Marie-Antoinette's Estate, the Trianon, La Lanterne, the Grand Canal and the walks and avenues of the Park.

From €290 per person

And for the end-of-year celebrations...