Top 9 places to have warmy afternoon tea this fall in Versailles

I like doing a lot of different activities during autumn. After a walk through the park surrounded by orange leaves, I love to warm up with a delicious hot chocolate with my friends and my family.
This week, I visited different places /I wandered in different places where I could taste this sweet hot beverage. I wished I could stay there for an eternity or I could make autumn and winter longer…  

A farandole of chocolate in Notre Dame Area

After a walk in Notre-Dame area, I was looking for a place where I could warm up with hot chocolate. Have a look on my three favourites addresses:

Galerie du Trianon Palace Bar

I like to drink a cup of tea in the Galerie du Trianon Palace Bar. Actually, with one of their fabulous pastries, it is better: 
Tarte  Sacher (Sacher’s cookie with pear and passion fruit jelly) 
Chocolate Mille-feuille (pastry cream made with cacao) 
Chocolate cream puffs
Every weekend of November from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 
Address: 1 Boulevard de la Reine, 78000 Versailles

Pierre & Tim Cookies

A Dammann Tea, a Van Houten Hot Chocolate, A Maison Pfaff coffee… What about tasting one of those hot drinks with a delicious cookie or two? My favourite is the one with chocolate chips… It is so pleasant with such weather.  
Address: Rue de Satory, 78000 Versailles

The cosy and trendy “rendez-vous” in Saint-Louis Area

During my gourmet breaks I like to take a hot drink with a pastry. There is nothing more comforting than that. Here is my “Top 3” of Saint-Louis Area.

Salon sur Cour

Salon sur Cour is a cosy and warm haven of peace which offers the original and old recipe of the hot chocolate and almost seventeen teas from Nina’s. 
If your taste buds are still not satisfied, let yourself be tempted by a piece of cheesecake, financiers, muffins … 
Address : 8 rue de la chancellerie , 78000 Versailles

The Stray Bean 

Do you want to change of scenery and travel far away? Good for you, Australia is down the street! The Stray Bean is the place you need. 
You should definitively try their coffee, teas, fresh juice with a cookie or a delicious carrot cake. I wish I could have gourmet breaks like this all the time! 
Address: 6 rue royale , 78000 Versailles

Positive Café 

Chaï Latte, teas, smoothies, juices with a vegan or healthy pastry? A delight for your taste buds and for your health. 
Address: 9 rue Satory, 78000 Versailles

Chariot chocolat

A royal break in the Palace 

Le Grand Café d’Orléans

A tea, a coffee or a hot chocolate with a tasty pastry in the Palace of Versailles … What else? 
Address: Château de Versailles, 78000 Versailles


At the first floor of the Versailles Palace, taste a meal which combines elegance and refinement. Enjoy the unforgettable taste of its hot drinks and its pastries.  
Address: Château de Versailles, 78000 Versailles

ore, Ducasse au château de Versailles 

During your visit of Versailles Palace, do not hesitate one more second and take the direction of Ore, the Ducasse Restaurant. Once you are comfortably seated in the restaurant, ask for the Queen’s Tea.   
On the menu, you will discover 3 salty dishes, 3 sweet dishes and one hot drink. A nice way to complete your visit of Versailles. 
Address: Château de Versailles, 78000 Versailles

I am so curious to discover which addresses are you favourites! Do not hesitate and let me know by writing a commentary below 
Published on Wednesday January 17, 2024 at 09:31