My selection for Christmas present

Winter chilling, roasted chestnuts and hot chocolate … Christmas is almost here … It is time to check your Christmas wish list. After visiting the royal city and enjoy its friendly atmosphere, here are my suggestions of original gifts for people who loves Versailles.


If your wallet contains only twenty euros, I have the solution

It is said that greed is not a positive thing but for Christmas can't we allow ourselves some sweets ? With chocolates, macarons, cookies and other treats made in Versailles, there is something to please all the tasts of your most gourmet loved ones. To find inspiration, I have my little list : Art et Chocolat, la Maison la Varenne, l'Atelier Saveurs, la Maison Bigot, Pierre et Tim Cookie, le Pain Journel, les Petites Duchesses de Gantet and even le Roy René. For savory treats, I would take you, without hesitation, to Fromagerie Le Gall or to Délices du Palais. And why not accompany it with a good glass of wine or a glass of champagne from Cavavin or Aux Caves du Château ?

For the love ones who are not so greedy and who want to stay in shape, I am fortunate, at Versailles, to be able to offer them a gift that will feed their thirst for historical knowledge or reconnect them with nature. For that, there is nothing better than a visit in Versailles with the Tourist Office or with Naturez-vous ! There are several kind of topics and visits planned every day of the week. And for the youngest, les Petits Détectives is the perfect solution to walk the streets of Versailles and discover very suprising little anecdotes.

If with all of this, you have not found yet something that will be able to suit you, I know that the Presse Librairie des manèges will come to your rescue with a t-shirt, a scarf, a mug or any other souvenir in the colors of Versailles and Paris.


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A gift between twenty and fifty euros

For the holiday season, I really like to please my family and my friends and I can adjust my budget upwards. Why not offering a relaxing stay in Versailles ? With the Tourist Office packages, success is guaranteed! And there is something for everyone, with the Nocturnal Fountains' show, a scented candle or a moment of relaxation at the Hôtel de Beauté. If you do not find what you are looking for, 2-day passports are a good solution to take your time and visit the Domaine de Versailles at your own pace.

And to brighten up this weekend, I often look at the shows beacause, at Versailles, we have plenty choices to go out ! You probably know the Musical Fountains, the Musical Gardens or the famous Night Fountains and their magnificent fireworks, but did you know that there are still many other things to see ? For horse lovers, the National Equestrian Academy of the Domain of Versailles and Bartabas open the doors of the Grandes Ecuries with the the show "La Voie de l'Ecuyer".

The theater also occupies an important place in this royal city. This makes the Theatre Montansier a must-see, where it is good to discover some plays or rediscover new ones. And if you are looking for contemporary and funny comedies, take a look at the Royale Factory. Then, you will be sure to spend a good time with your family and friends.
The extra bonus of a gift is its originality. And you won't have to spend a lot of money or to go on a big journey to find it. A candle with Arty Fragrance, un Air de Parfum, Bloolands or les Frères Montgolfier is ideal for embalming a room or making it warmer; an object decorated with Toile de Jouy modernized with Inédite Toile de Jouy; a scarf, a pair of gloves, a sweater or a T-shirt personalized with La Façonnerie and Agnes B; a perfume or an olfactory conference with the Osmotheque, a photo shoot with Alexandre Nestora; a billiard game at Montbauron; a game of board games with a good hot chocolate at Phoenix Felicis; an escape game with Engrenage Escape Game... here are some ideas to please or to offer good time.
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My selection of gifts for more than fifty euros

On Christmas Eve, it's always a pleasure when everybody open their gifts and to see the suprise and wonder in the eyes of our loved ones. This year my budget is more substantial so I allow myself to be tempted by some window shopping :

In order to really please my family or my friends I often think of offering an activity. There are lots of sorts in Versailles and personally, I am always very happy to be able to do some arts and crafts by myself. In my favorites there is Patricia's cooking workshop, l'atelier du Savoir-vivre, painting lessons with the Superior School of Mural Art or the Jean Sablé School, the 3 Muses dance lessons and the ones of the Ravin Bleu. With all of this, it won't be a problem to express your artistic soul.

Of course, not everyone is good in arts and crafts and others don't feel comfortable with the Do It Yourself. It does not matter, I have other suggestions for you!

If you need to be relaxed, you have to know that Versailles is also the city of parks and great ourdoors. There is nothing better than offering a little horse ride with Horse Holidays and Horse in the City or a segway visit with Versailles Event. And for those who like to be pampered, the Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria Versailles Trianon Palace and the Hôtel de Beauté will welcome you in the best way ever.

If you are looking for something more original or "funnier", several options are available for you such as a show in the sumptuous settings of the Royal Chapel or the Royal Opera. The offer is various and you will inevitably find something for you. And if you don't know which show you should choose, try a gift card which is valid for the 2019-2020 musical season and for the Versailles festival of 2020. You can also simply take a subscription card proposed by la Société des Amis de Versailles or Château Versailles Spectacles. Your loved ones will have unlimited access to the Palace or the gardens and will be able to participate to several other activities.

And what do you think of time travel ? You would be seated around the table and enjoy a dinner from the old days with costumed actors. The ReminiSens Theater restaurant is the best choice for this! There is nothing better for learning more about the intrigues and anecdotes that shook the royal city at the Kings' time.

I also recommend offering an exceptional moment to share with your family and friends at Costumes & Château. We all dreamed one day of putting on a costume from old days and putting ourselves in the shoes of a noble of the Court from the 17th or 18th century. So why not taking advantage of it and immortalize this original souvenir with a photo shoot.

Finally, I also really like to offer this type of service, especially on special occasions, but I also like this moment when the person takes the gift in their hands and tears the packaging to discover a beautiful object. Especially when it is handmaded. This makes it even more special. Besides, I have my little favorites. On the fashion side, it is without hesitation that I recommend the leatherwork shop du Tanneur or V&V jewelry and watches. But let's not forget that Versailles is also the home for designer brands.The clothes, jewelry and decorations from the Boutique des Créateurs, from Capsule Market and even from the Fabricature will please many people. And for a very personal and unique gift, why not a painting ? You shoulg go to the Galerie Modern'art, Galerie Vanaura or Blue Fabriker, they will advise you to perfection.
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The Shop of the Tourist Office

I will conclude this article by telling you about the articles offered at the Versailles Tourist Office. There are original and very interesting souvenirs and gifts.
French know-how and Versailles souvenirs are still one of the best choices among French and foreign tourists. You will undoubtedly find what you need there : Louis XIV and Marie-Antoinette bottles (15,90€), Barocko candles (53€) and the Fleur du Roy (28€) from Arty Fragrance (53€), mugs with the emblem of Versailles (11€), the portrait of Louis XIV or Marie-Antoinette represented as a child's drawing (6,90€), or a foie gras (17,90€), an assortment of terrines (9,90€) and an assortment of rillettes (11,90€) from the Comtesse du Barry.
For History lovers and great readers, there are several books in the shop to prepare your visit to the Palace or to learn more about Versailles' heritage :


Visit the Domain of Versailles: 9€ or 15€ for the complete version.
This guide will help you to learn more about the Palace of Versailles and Mary-Antoinette’s Estate.

Le Petit Trianon (15€)
Discover the history of the Palace, with its antique style, designed by Jacques Ange Gabriel on behalf of Mme de Pompadour in the 1760s, donated in 1774 by Louis XVI to Marie-Antoinette. The author presents his architecture, his brand in the gardens, and his decoration of woodwork.

Le Potager du Roi, Dialogue avec la Quintinie (19€)
The work presents the richness of this garden classified as an historic monument through a dialogue between the author, the current director, and his illustrious predecessor, focusing on respect for traditions and the modernity of the environmental approach.

La Galerie des Carrosses (9€)
A book that retraces the history of the gallery and all the coaches exhibited there. Each of them tells a page in the history of France.

To whet your curiosity, you can also opt for the DVDs "Versailles se met à table" (19€) offers to discover 10 recipes made by culinary chefs, pastry chefs and culinary workshops from Versailles. They all give tricks to help you to realize your dishes.  or "Versailles la Visite" (22€) to visit the Palace of Versailles in just one hour.
For children:

Among the best options is the DS game "Marie-Antoinette and the American Revolutionary War" (28€) to unmask the traitors and save the queen, the Little Detectives at the Trianon, at the Saint-Louis district or at the King's Garden Kitchen (10€) to discover more about the secrets of Versailles and finally, the Coloring and Discoveries Versailles book representing all the must-sees of Versailles with an historical explanation.

Now, adjust your santa's hoods and your sleighs, the race for Christmas gifts is on ! 
Article written by Adelaide
Published on Tuesday December 21, 2021 at 16:02