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Because we always need nature, come and recharge your batteries in Versailles ! You will be able to discover a variety of green spaces there that you never knew existed. Indeed, Versailles is a city which beyond its castle has many parks and gardens which will amaze young and old ones alike. For a quiet weekend, there is nothing like a getaway in a calm and natural place where it will be possible to combine rest and family activities. That's good Versailles has many landscapes, places and activities for you to discover, let's go !
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A Natural Stay in Versailles

Who would have thought that it was possible to camp in Versailles ? It is possible and in addition of that, in the best conditions. I recommend that you take advantages of the soothing green spaces of Huttopia campsite. This 3-star campsite will offer you all the comfort that you need with its wooden cabins, chalets, canopies and even trapper tents. After a long day of sightseeing, you can go splashing around in the campsite's heated swimming pool. There is nothing like to enjoy a relaxing vacation in nature !

My green activities in Versailles

Hiking in Versailles : 

For amateurs and seasoned alike, Versailles will have plenty to do in terms of exploration! Between the Grand Canal tour, the GR 11 and the Versailles- Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole hike, you will not have the time to get bored !
Discover the routes here
The more athletic ones can also venture to connect Paris and Versailles via the natural trails. It will still take 3h30 of walking, but you will be able to discover the Saint-Cloud park or the Fausses Reposes forest and discover a dense ecosystem at the gates of the capital! 

Naturez-Vous tours

Naturez-Vous is an association whose goal is the help you discover the hidden natural heritage of Versailles. Did you know, for example, that in Versailles you could find wild orchids in the middle of nature ? It is during one of the walks offered by Naturez-Vous that you will discover the incredible variety of wild fauna and flora that reside in the city. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the trees and participate in exciting family activities such as Land Art or the making of a seed bomb. Unmissable family outings to introduce the little ones to the fragility and beauty of nature. To book your visit to out site, go here. 

The Grand Canal tour

Did you know that you can walk around the Grand Canal for free ? For more information I invite you to read this page

The Kinkg's Kitchen Garden

This 9 hectare vegetable garden created by Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinie for Louis XIV began to produce in 1683 fruits and vegetables intended for the tables of the Court and the king. Gardeners have perpetuated the art of pruning here, which makes it so special. Accessible to visitors since 1991, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also listed as a historic monument and remarkable garden. As you may have understood, amateurs and enthusiasts alike will have every interest in discovering the King's Vegetable Garden. In summer, visitors can discover a rich and varied program of cultural events at the King's Kitchen Garden : dance, exhibitions, theater, concerts, etc. take place regularly in the garde. For example, the Plastique Danse Flore festival offers an encounter with contemporary creation every year, while the Mois Molière allow you to (re)discover a classical repertoire staged in an exceptional setting, and Les Saveurs du Potager promotes the diversity of production by fruits and vegetables.

Visits, workshops and training in the garden

Every weekend from April to October, group tours with lecturers are offered to discover the riches of the site. A large catalog of workshops and training, such as the Art of Bonsai, Decorating and cultivating a garden, Floral art, is open to the general public. At the end of your visit, do no hesitate to stop by the bookstore shop where you can get fruits and vegetables grown in the garden, processed products (juices, jams, honey, coulis) cosmetics or many books about ecology, agriculture and landscape. The enthusiasts will be in heaven.

Boat tour on the Grand Canal

If you have a romantic soule then I can assure you that the boat tour on the Grand Canal is a must. Beyond an original activity in the heart of the Palace, you can enjoy the view and the sun without having to walk! To rent your boat, find out the information on this page.

Motorized park tour

Did you know that Versailles was the city of Île de France with the most km of cycle paths? So you are not going to miss this information. After several days of sightseeing, I bet your feet will hurt, but you won't want to miss a thing the city has to offer. That's good you will be spoiled for choice in terms of devices to rent.
Whether you prefer carts, classic or electric bicycles, the segway or even the electric scooter, I am sure that you will find what you are looking for to explore your favorite places in Versailles!

Horseback riding in the Palace grounds

Another original way to visit the city: on horseback ! Do like Louis XIV who was passionate about horses and discover Versailles in a different way. Thanks to Horse in the City or Horse Holidays, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll in the grounds of the Palace. Do not hesitate to contact our service providers for more information on the possibilities of walks!
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Published on Monday January 10, 2022 at 16:11