A souvenir from Versailles like no other

"It is true that I take care of my finery… "

Versailles is full of trendy and gourmet boutiques: during your stay, let yourself be tempted by a shopping trip or a gourmet break :)

You want to bring back a souvenir from your trip to Versailles? Discover our selection of shops that offer nice and original items for all tastes and ages.
We create a work of art from your eyes. Come and try it on your own, as a couple or as a family.
Artisan seamstress at Versailles, Fée au Château create and make clothes for women and children
A pretty, cheerful and unusual boutique in the heart of Versailles, where you can meet designers... where you can chat and exchange ideas... where you can always find a little gift to please yourself or others.
Niche perfumery / skincare and anti-age creams / hair care / baby and child care / candles and perfume diffusers