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Versailles fascinates tourists, journalists and bloggers, discover the different articles they have written about their experiences at Versailles. You will learn even more about this city !
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April 2019 :

Max Hartshorne from GoNomad has been editor and chief editor of GoNOMAD Travel in South Deerfield (Massachusetts) since 2002. He has written in several different newspapers and worked as a sales representative for more than 23 years, then he finally found his place at GoNOMAD. He travels regularly and likes to publish new writers and watch his grandchildren grow up.
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May 2019 :

Reisehappen (from her real name Nina) is a German blogger, graphic designer and passionate gourmet. Passionate about cheese, travel, yoga, she has visited no less than 6 continents with 59 countries. Her blog is dedicated for those who like to travel, cook and enjoy life. Her goal is to share her travel memories and to discover new countries and cultures. She wants to share the secrets of authentic cuisine that she discovers in each country and loves to share her advice on restaurants, markets and nice streetfood. Small bonus : the blog offers cooking recipes that you will be able to reproduce directly in your own kitchen ! 
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