Renting a car in Versailles

All the information you need on where to rent a car during your holiday in Versailles!

Services 100 equipped room(s) 40 people max
Experience a 3-in-1 tour, part of responsible slow tourism: start in a hybrid minibus that transforms into a 12-person boat, while enjoying a personalised guided tour from our drivers
Coach operator, travel agency for groups, transport operator.
Phébus, public transport company based in Versailles and operating in Versailles and neighboring cities.
A new concept of all-terrain electric scooter rides, (E.scoot), for an unusual experience that will allow you to discover the Royal City in a fun way. to discover the Royal City in a fun way.
Discover the French way of life and the heritage of our regions at the wheel of classic cars from the 1950s and 1960s. Drive James Dean's Porsche 356, Marilyn Monroe's Ford Thunderbird or one of our legendary models.
Private tour of Versailles in a vintage convertible car