Versailles, a city of cinema

With its Palace and town, Versailles has always drawn the attention of film directors.

The first French talking picture was set in Versailles, and since then the city has hosted the filming of more than 230 movies over the past century...! Versailles has inspired numerous film directors, such as Claude Chabrol, Roman Polanski or François Truffaut.

The Palace of Versailles has also hosted many shootings, such as Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola, or more recently, the TV series 'Versailles'
A political and poetic journey to meet the citizens' movements.

Sunday 08 December 2019

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Some scenes from the Versailles series were shot at the Palace of Versailles, mainly outdoors in the...
This film evoking the life of Marie-Antoinette was shot in exceptional places of the Palace of ...