Museums in Versailles

Versailles, the ultimate cultural city, is full of interesting museums to visit.
History of the French Revolution, reconstitution of a period room, period carriages exhibition, the perfume museum... there is something for everyone!
Museum 1 equipped room(s) 120 people max 1 Rooms with adaptable space Family Reception/drinks reception Seminar/meeting Concert/events Exhibition/trade fair
The Toile de Jouy Museum traces the history of the Toile de Jouy factory, created in 1760 in Jouy-en-Josas by Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf (1738-1815).
Museum Groupe (EN) Groupe Affaire/incentive (EN) 450 people max 2 Rooms with adaptable space Family Reception/drinks reception Concert/events Exhibition/trade fair Theatre style Cocktail Banquet
Created in 2003 by Bartabas at the Grande Écurie of the Château de Versailles, the Académie Équestre de Versailles is a unique corps de ballet, based as much on transmission as on the art of performance.
Museum Groupe (EN) 1 equipped room(s) 60 people max 5 Rooms with adaptable space Family Reception/drinks reception Seminar/meeting Concert/events Convention Exhibition/trade fair Cocktail Classroom room
The Lambinet Museum is an 18th-century private mansion built for a building contractor under Louis XV. In 1929, the city of Versailles accepted a bequest from Mme Nathalie Lambinet to set up a museum, which opened to the public in 1932.
Museum Groupe (EN) Groupe Affaire/incentive (EN) 5 equipped room(s) 80 people max Family Reception/drinks reception Seminar/meeting
Built in 1761-1762 according to the wishes of the duke of Choiseul, then Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, this mansion was meant to house the archives and departments of Foreign Affairs and the Navy. Here were negotiated the Treaty of Versailles ...
This house is generally considered to be where five Italian singers lived when they arrived in Versailles under the reign of Louis XIV to join the Music of the Royal Chapel.
Genuine masterpieces created by the best artists of this time, here is Europe's largest collection of royal and imperial coaches !
Le Carré à la Farine is an exhibition hall located in the flour hall of the Marché Notre-Dame. It hosts exhibitions, conferences and other events throughout the year. This room is a rental space
Labelled Maison des Illustres 2023 - Discover the life and work of the famous Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev by visiting the house-museum dedicated to him in Bougival. A unique and fascinating place, out of time…
Countess du Barry was King Louis XV's favorite and purchased this estate in 1772, in order to welcome her own housekeepers and assigned the construction of the fabulous stables to the architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux.
The Gallery of Sculptures and Casts is situated in the Small Stables of the King, opposite the Palace. Casts of the most famous sculptures of Greek and Roman Antiquity are kept in this gallery, where they were once made for French artists' training.