Versailles, city of arts

What could be more ingenious than using painted decor to add value to architecture?
The town of Versailles at its best!

In the 17th and 18th centuries, there was a shortage of limestone and facing brick was not produced. Masonry in millstone blocks was therefore coated in a plaster and lime mix with a red ochre dye to imitate brick, and daubed in yellow ochre to resemble stone. The fake brick joints were hollowed out and filled with white plaster!

Several art colleges continue the tradition of trompe l'oeil to this day: the Ecole d'Art Mural and the Ecole Jean Sablé. So keep your eyes peeled as you walk around the town!

If you are fond of art, many galleries welcome you to share their latest discoveries: from classic art to contemporary art, 3D sculptures, come and have a look!

The Versailles School of Mural Art is a specialized training center dedicated to the art of decorative and trompe l’oeil painting.
Open to the general public, this digital gallery exhibits original creations that are numbered and signed by the artists who revisit and modernise classic works of art at affordable prices. Canvas and 3 D sculpture.
Founded in 2003, The Sablé decorative Painting School, is meant to teach the techniques of trompe-l'oeil painting and decorative paintings for heritage, live performance, events.
Painter, T. Moutard Martin revives old painting techniques by grinding the colors by hand. He restores the paintings following the formulas of great masters.
Makers of regional craft-made chocolates. Artistry and chocolate combine for the delight of your eyes and your taste buds.
The gallery offers painting, photos, decorative objects, fashion accessories and even fashion jewellery in the St Louis district, an artist and artisan quarter near the Palace of Versailles.