Versailles gets musical

From Louis XIV, music is omnipresent in Versailles. The Sun King masters many musical instruments and loves to dance! Jean-Baptiste Lully, superintendent of the royal music, even wrote a ballet for the king: Louis XIV was the sun, around which his ministers were represented by gravitating planets.

Under Louis XV, the court of Versailles welcomes the father of a young Wolfang Amadeus Mozart who wishes to present his son, who was aged 7 by then. Although he was received a bit coldly by the King's mistress, Madame de Pompadour, it is said that Queen Marie Leszczinska and her daughters pampered the young musician throughout his stay.

Nowadays, music is still present in Versailles and all styles are represented: Baroque to travel back in the time of the Sun King, or modern music to seduce the contemporaries!
Every first Tuesday of the month (from October to July), Musiques à Versailles presents a concert in one of the city's prestigious venues, as well as a festival of regional music.
Inaugurated in 1777 in the presence of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, this theater with its lovely blue and gold auditorium is one of the oldest preserved in France.
Café-theatre at the heart of Versailles. Events are on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings : one-man shows, comedy, stand up, and more ! All these activities have just one purpose : to make them laugh ! For an evening 100% packed with laughter ...
The fruit of much reflection by the king's artists, the Royal Chapel can be considered the pinnacle of what Louis XIV achieved at Versailles.
Inaugurated in 1770 on the occasion of the wedding of the future Louis XVI to the young Marie-Antoinette, the Royal Opera quickly became one of the most beautiful rooms in Europe.