The Palace of Versailles

A Palace of global renown !

The Sun King used the best architects of his day to construct these imposing and magnificent buildings, which have become the reference point for the whole of Europe. Countless painters hired by Louis XIV for the Palace decor have left unforgettable masterpieces, including the ceilings in the King's Grand Apartments and the Hall of Mirrors which never cease to astonish and amaze us.

Explore the history and magnificence of the Palace of Versailles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Historic site and monument
Economic prosperity is revealed in the number and size of the 357 mirrors bedecking the 17 arches opposite the windows, demonstrating that the new French manufacture could rival the Venetian monopoly on mirror manufacturing.
Historic site and monument Groupe (EN) Groupe Affaire/incentive (EN) 1 equipped room(s) 170 people max 2 Rooms with adaptable space Family Reception/drinks reception Seminar/meeting Convention
Listed as a World Heritage Site for 1979 years, the Château de Versailles is one of the finest achievements of 17th century French art.
Historic site and monument
In the nineteenth century, the Palace of Versailles takes a second wind. Louis-Philippe, king of France since 1830, decided to create a museum of the History of France, dedicated to "all the glories of France".
Historic site and monument
The King's Apartments are part of the emblematic route of the Palace of Versailles. Composed of the Great King's Apartment, the Great Gallery and the King's Apartment, they are unavoidable during a visit of the National Estate of Versailles.