A gourmet break in Versailles

All the kings and queens of France had a sweet tooth. Louis XIII was particularly fond of jams, especially at the end of a meal. As for Louis XIV, he had a keen taste for marrons glacés and patisseries. Louis XV quickly revealed his fondness for hot chocolate and never tired of extolling its reviving, stimulating and aphrodisiac effects. Lastly, Marie-Antoinette quickly chose the macaron as her culinary mascot, for which she had an immoderate liking.
Makers of regional craft-made chocolates. Artistry and chocolate combine for the delight of your eyes and your taste buds.
The house La Varenne offers an extraordinary trip back in time to meet delicacies inherited from the court of the kings of France: biscuits, sweets, chocolates and other sweets thousand & ...
Retail sales: wines-spirits-champagnes and others drinks. To help you choose, a new concept will allow you to taste more than 24 wines.
Bakery, pastry, catering, chocolate craft business
Artisan biscuit makers specialised in producing hand-made Versailles cookies, which are baked fresh on site every morning and made following the original recipes of those who first created them.
The Roy René confectionery, an "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company) and century - old house, offers a wide choice of confectionery, calissons d'Aix, nougat, candied fruit, biscuits, chocolate and ice creams.