Relaxing in the parks and gardens of Versailles

Gardens, parks and forests... The natural heritage of Versailles makes it the perfect place for rest and relaxation.

Park and garden Groupe (EN)
Located north of Versailles, the Arboretum gives you the chance to discover one of the largest living tree museums (200 hectares) with over 2 000 species and varietes of trees from the Himlayas, the Caucasus, China and more.
Park and garden Groupe (EN) 5 equipped room(s) 150 people max 4 Rooms with adaptable space Family Reception/drinks reception Seminar/meeting Concert/events Exhibition/trade fair
Fruit and vegetables for the royal table were grown here under the watchful eyes of Louis XIV and his gardeners. A kitchen garden full of surprises !
This property was acquired in 1783 by king Louis XVI, as a gift for his siter, Madame Elisabeth.
This public garden is located on the former site where the tanks were builted by Thomas Gobert, intendant of Louis XIV, in order to power the fountains of the Palace's park.
Dis you know that during the reign of Louis XV the Court of Versailles was known as the perfumed court? No? Then this is the perfect time to excite your senses !
Park and garden
Exceptional area for walking : this 13 hectare pool was excavated between 1679 and 1682 by the regiment of Swiss Guards from which it takes its name.
Park and garden
Abutting the King's Kitchen Garden, a little farther to the south, there is a pleasant public garden named Parc Balbi.