Tour of the Grand Canal

On foot, by bike or on skates, enjoy the fresh air in the Palace Park.

The tour of the Grand Canal will allow you to discover magnificent views of the Palace of Versailles. The distance to cover is 5.5 kms. It takes:

  • 1 to 1.15hrs by foot
  • 25 to 30 minutes by bicycle
  • 35 to 40 minutes skating
The tarmac road is relatively flat, accessible to people in wheelchair.
The Grand Canal is the main element of the east-west perspective of the Garden of Versailles. Le Nôtre transformed this humid part of the park into a gigantic water reservoir. The Grand Canal of Versailles became an essential decorative element of the gardens, a source of changing light, which is to discover in any season.

Useful information :

Entrance to the park is possible through different doors. Either by the Boulevard de la Reine, or from the entrance of the Palace.

The entry to the Palace Park is free, unless you go through the gardens on the days of musical fountains show in the high season.
You will find on-site restaurants and tea rooms. It is possible to rent boats, bicycles, or segways.

 At the end of the Grand Canal, do not miss the breathtaking view of the Palace.

Calendar / Opening hours of the Palace Park :

Open everyday.
High season: 7:00 - 20:30 for pedestrians
Low season: 8:00 to 18:00

Attention: schedule may be different depending on the entrance gate of the Park.
Every first Tuesday of the month (from October to July), Musiques Ă  Versailles presents a concert in one of the city's prestigious venues, as well as a festival of regional music.
Enjoy a convivial ride with family, friends or members of your group in our prestigious carriages.
Inaugurated in 1777 in the presence of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, this theater with its lovely blue and gold auditorium is one of the oldest preserved in France.
The small trains of the park will allow you to explore the castle park and reach the most distant places
Creation and organization of treasure hunts and historical investigations in the city of Versailles and the Park of the Palace of Versailles
Located in the heart of the Notre-Dame district, Dorian's Pub is at home here. Influenced by its gardens, castle and history, Dorian's Pub is inspired by French elegance while drawing on the friendliness of Ireland.
The Guerlain Spa, 2 800m² dedicated to well being and relaxation, makes you a sensory experience as luxurious and unforgettable. Enjoy the pool, covered and heated, steam room, sauna
Wine bar, French southwestern atmosphere, great for an aperitif ! Selection of wines, tapas, cold meats and cheeses.
The principle of this puzzle game is simple. A team of players is locked in a room. They must get out in less than an hour by fulfilling the mission that's given to them.
Café-theatre at the heart of Versailles. Events are on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings : one-man shows, comedy, stand up, and more ! All these activities have just one purpose : to make them laugh ! For an evening 100% packed with laughter ...
Creation and organization of treasure hunts and historical investigations in the city of Versailles and the Park of the Palace of Versailles
The fruit of much reflection by the king's artists, the Royal Chapel can be considered the pinnacle of what Louis XIV achieved at Versailles.
Inaugurated in 1770 on the occasion of the wedding of the future Louis XVI to the young Marie-Antoinette, the Royal Opera quickly became one of the most beautiful rooms in Europe.