Versailles and its natural side GR 11

We suggest you to follow a 13 kilometer loop starting from the Chantiers station
  • - From Versailles-Chantiers station, follow the diverticulum on the GR 11 trail to the Cerf-Volant forest house
  • - Cross the D938 and take the GR 11 trail to the right for about 100 m.
  • - Continue straight west. The PR passes under the N 286 and turns left. Cut the D 91 and follow, more or less closely, the railway line to the end of the wood of Satory. Go to the Bois-Robert gate (N286).
  • - A diverticulum on the GR 11 path leads, on the right, to St Cyr station. 
  • - Take the diverticulum on the GR 11 path on the left to join the GR 11 path.
  • - Walk along the Bièvre Valley
  • - Walk along the Moulin à Renard, Val and La Geneste ponds which punctuate the course of the Bièvre. Pass the Porte de Sebaque and, by the Sebaque and Fonds roads, reach the Porte-du-Cerf-Volant forest house. Follow the diverticulum on the GR 11 path to the left which leads back to Versailles-Chantiers station.

Marking :
1 to 2 white-red crossed out white
2 to 3 white-red
3 to 4 yellow
4 to 5 white-red crossed out white
5 to 3 white-red

Duration : 3h15, 13 km
Along the way, enjoy the view of the Versailles estate and the Bièvre ponds.