Versailles, city of crafts

At the instigation of Louis XIV, Versailles became the showcase of French savoir-faire. Many craftsmen perpetuate these ancient traditions in the city of Versailles ..

From trompe l'oeil art or ironwork, visible on the facades, to more unexpected crafts, such as perfumery, you will surely find your happiness by roaming the streets!


Artisan seamstress at Versailles, Fée au Château create and make clothes for women and children
SLYDOXA is a multicultural brand inspired by the chic of French elegance created by Sylvie BAGNON, a designer with a lifelong passion for fashion and Haute Couture.
Family History - founded in 1982, this painting and coating company is a family business. Qualified workers, who will know how to bring you their expertise and their advice for work carried out with seriousness and professionalism.
The whole world of French and European branded toys
Rediscover the soul of your childhood in a modern interior... You like antiques, vintage decoration and the idea that furniture has the right to a second life!
Creation and restoration of jewellery - Antique dealer and expert in antique jewellery - FGA graduate - CEA expert