Versailles, city of crafts

At the instigation of Louis XIV, Versailles became the showcase of French savoir-faire. Many craftsmen perpetuate these ancient traditions in the city of Versailles ..

From trompe l'oeil art or ironwork, visible on the facades, to more unexpected crafts, such as perfumery, you will surely find your happiness by roaming the streets!


Step back with family or friends into the XVIIIth century for a quick photo or for a party. We have a large selection of jewellery, costumes, masks and hats for sale or hire.
Exclusive perfumes and high-quality candles inspired by French finery and the baroque spirit, which is vividly illustrated at the Palace of Versailles and in the old Cité Royale.
Photo session with costume. We create costumes and Haute Couture clothing.
Artisan seamstress at Versailles, Fée au Château create and make clothes for women and children
Since 2009, Bloolands has been creating quality LED candles and original light creations.
Patricia's cookery workshop welcomes adults and children at all levels for cookery or cake-making lessons. Come and create delicious little dishes in cosy and elegant surroundings and a convivial and focussed ambience.
Accessories for dogs and cats, Gourmandises, Salon de groomage, Spa