Exhibition-Versailles, the twenties. Dress after war

Location : Salon de l'Hôtel de Ville
  • Les années vingt, panser l'après guerre


Just after war, Versaillais meets in the streets of the city, dressed in the nicest clothes to celebrate victory, after 4 years of Hell. All Frenchmen are all exultant, joined by same relief and similar hopes. The peace treat is signed in Versailles on June 28th, 1919.

The opening of a new epoch
Thematic panels, windows, furniture, objects and writings will be displayed in the room of holidays of the town hall to redraw this period.
In partnership with the Committee of Understanding of the Patriotic Associations of War veterans, victims de Guerre and Servicemen and thanks to the mobilisation of Versaillais who took part in the game of memory, exhibition turns over a new leaf of the XIXth century, opening that of the XXth century. The first birthday of the victory of 1918 becomes a day of mourning. France is decimated: about 1,5 million dead and 4,5 million injured men. The time came honoured the dead, rehabilitated the injured men on physical plan as morale. Families suffer, lack supplies. Except the tobacco, everything is rationed. Accommodation misses. A bylaw of created January, 1920 a centralising office in Versailles, 31, avenue of Saint-Cloud, where are received requests and offer of accommodation. A family politics encourages births, the women become emancipated, eager to work. One agrees in 1922 by the war office to the sports society «The friends of Versailles»: «a feminist victory versaillaise for fifty nice pupils», according to the Echo of Versailles of March 24th, 1922. In the course of the months, schools are delayed on foot of health centres, libraries. The children are the hope of the twenties.

The time of entertainment

To the variety of rooms versaillaises the twenties corresponds a cultural life, made by classicism, some people will say about nostalgia of prewar period, and about need of "exuberance";. In Versailles, shows of Russian origin, of the circus street of the light Horses are applauded. One are listened to classical concerts, conferences, as those given by the Academy of Moral sciences or by the specialised clubs opened to novelties (cinema, photographs, TSF). The sessions of cinema are also sought-after. Versaillais wants to participate in block parties, as that of Construction sites " or in organised balls. Photos and other documents make relive this living, recent history, witnesses of a victorious but also painful revival. The duty of memory takes once again all its sense thanks to this exhibition speaking in Versaillais very tied to this passed inheritance.
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Exposition-Versailles, les années vingt. Panser l'après guerre
Salon de l'Hôtel de Ville
4 Avenue de Paris
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4 Avenue de Paris
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