La Pièce d'eau des suisses

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Exceptional area for walking : this 13 hectare pool was excavated between 1679 and 1682 by the regiment of Swiss Guards from which it takes its name.
At the far end of rue de l’Indépendance Américaine, abutting the Saint Louis district, the Pièce d'eau des Suisses intended to beautify the southern view of the palace, as an extension of the Orangerie, it also allowed the draining of the land for the King's Kitchen Garden, created at the same time. A copy of Bernini's work representing Louis XIV on horseback is located at the far end of the pool. The sculpture, which did not find pleasure with the king, was finally transformed into a hero of antiquity and placed well out of sight of the monarch…

Nowadays, surrounded by vast lawns and wide paths planted with superb plane trees, the place is an ideal place to relax.
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    • Park and garden
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La Pièce d'eau des suisses
route de Saint-Cyr
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