Palace of Versailles ― Guided visit in the King's Private Apartments (in English ― 1h30)

  • Le cabinet des dépêches - Château de Versailles
  • Le cabinet intérieur du roi - Château de Versailles
  • La pièce de la cassette - Château de Versailles
Le cabinet des dépêches - Château de VersaillesLe cabinet intérieur du roi - Château de VersaillesLa pièce de la cassette - Château de Versailles


NEW OFFER  Immerse Yourself in the Elegance of Versailles
Embark on an extraordinary journey with our new guided tour, designed to provide an unparalleled experience of the small flats of Louis XV and Louis XVI, as well as the enchanting gardens of the Château de Versailles.
Enter the heart of the Palace of Versailles and let yourself be transported back to a bygone era as you explore the private appartments of Louis XV and Louis XVI. These remarkable spaces, true symbols of French refinement and 18th-century taste, offer an intimate insight into the lives of these emblematic figures. Discover the secrets and stories of French history that took place behind closed doors, out of sight.
As part of this exclusive guided tour, you will also enjoy free, self-guided access to the magnificent Grands Appartements, including the famous Hall of Mirrors, the jewel in the crown of the Palace of Versailles. Marvel at the opulence and grandeur that characterised the palace in its heyday.

What's more, stroll through the meticulously tended gardens, accompanied by the gentle melodies of music and the spellbinding spectacle of fountains in full bloom.
For just €10, complete your discovery by adding your ticket to the Gardens of the Palace of Versailles. Marvel at the fountains dancing to the bewitching rhythm of baroque music. This enchanting experience will transport you to a world of beauty and elegance, right in the heart of André Le Nôtre's gardens. 

Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the elegance and splendour of Versailles. Book your guided tour now and create memories that will last a lifetime.

To ensure a seamless experience, the guided tour will be conducted in English, allowing you to fully comprehend the captivating narratives shared by our knowledgeable professionals.

  • Guided visit in English, in the King's private apartments with a small group
  • Commentaries by a professional guide
  • Access to the Grands Appartements and the Hall of Mirrors after the guided tour

Why not enjoy our offer "From the King's Private Apartments to the King's Kitchen Garden" ?
With this offer, follow our guided tour of the King's Private Apartments in the Palace of Versailles, then discover the King's Kitchen Garden in a self-guided tour.
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  • Langue :
    • Anglais
  • Localisation :
    • The Estate of Versailles