Presbytery Fountain

  • Fontaine du presbytère


The fountain surmounted by a carved bracket is lodged in a retaining wall of the Park de la Jonchère.
The fountain shows the importance of springs in the town. It also collected water as it resurfaced after flowing down the hillside.
As early as 1770, a deed stated that this spring had to remain accessible to the inhabitants of Bougival. A number of houses had to be demolished in order to build this fountain into the framework of the chevet of the church.
Until the 1970s, the water flowing from it was highly appreciated by the inhabitants of Bougival and by people from the surrounding villages.
General information
  • Type of culturel patrimony :
    • Historic site and monument
  • Historical patrimony :
    • Historic patrimony
    • Fountain
Presbytery Fountain
rue de la Croix aux Vents
  • Spoken language(s) :
    • French
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