Shopping with friends

A trip with your girlfriends means a girls shopping session. Versailles is filled with designers and craftsmen shops, and will delight all shopping addicts :)
A chic, timeless Parisian fashion (ready to wear man, woman, child, baby clothes, accessories)
Come and hunt rare items in the historic area, once home to Versailles'first law court and its first prison !
You are sure to find something new to wear in this delightful boutique, from major to lesser-known brands. A colourful range is available year-round at fair prices.
The Inédite shop Toile present creations by Toile de Jouy Museum of Toile de Jouy.
Personalize your textiles (t-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt ...) thanks to our different marking techniques (embroidery, screen printing, printing ...). Make unique souvenirs to offer.
Since 2009, Bloolands has been creating quality LED candles and original light creations.
Born in 2013 from the love of creation, design, originality... and rich encounters, la Boutique des Créateurs invites you to discover multuple universes.
Clocks, perfumery, luggage and writing
Shop delicatessen - Tableware - Decoration workshops and tastings
domestic natural cosmetics and scents
CapsuleMarket, creative meetings in the heart of Versailles! CapsuleMarket is an innovative concept: to bring together creators from time to time, so that customers can find new and quality products every week.
La Fabricature is a concept store dedicated to the french creations.
Specialising in ethnic decorations and particularly hand-made products, Lomaann gives you the chance to personalise and enhance your interiors. You will also find clothes, jewellery, bags, etc.
Exclusive perfumes and high-quality candles inspired by French finery and the baroque spirit, which is vividly illustrated at the Palace of Versailles and in the old Cité Royale.