Shopping with friends

A trip with your girlfriends means a girls shopping session. Versailles is filled with designers and craftsmen shops, and will delight all shopping addicts :)
Creation and restoration of jewellery - Antique dealer and expert in antique jewellery - FGA graduate - CEA expert
SLYDOXA is a multicultural brand inspired by the chic of French elegance created by Sylvie BAGNON, a designer with a lifelong passion for fashion and Haute Couture.
Rediscover the soul of your childhood in a modern interior... You like antiques, vintage decoration and the idea that furniture has the right to a second life!
Clocks, perfumery, luggage and writing
Artist's studio and Art Gallery. A space for contemporary creations, offering artistic and craft productions and tailor-made works in calligraphy, typography, painting, engraving, ceramics, artist's books, creative objects and creative workshops.
The Garden Shop is located in the heart of the Château de Versailles estate and offers a wide range of quality products related to gardens and Versailles
CapsuleMarket, creative meetings in the heart of Versailles! CapsuleMarket is an innovative concept: to bring together creators from time to time, so that customers can find new and quality products every week.