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The State ApartmentsThe State ApartmentsThe State Apartments


The King's Apartments are part of the emblematic route of the Palace of Versailles. Composed of the Great King's Apartment, the Great Gallery and the King's Apartment, they are unavoidable during a visit of the National Estate of Versailles.
The State Apartments are divided into three main parts. Each of the parts and pieces that compose them had a very specific role to play in the royal representation.

Under Louis XIV, the daily life of kings becomes a perpetual representation. There was no longer room for the unexpected, every minute and gesture of the king were governed by the Etiquette. The Château de Versailles becomes the theater of this staging. For that, it was created for the king of the apartments of state in enfilade that one calls Great flat of the king. It consists of seven rooms, each bearing the name of a Roman deity. Sumptuously decorated, the iconography of these salons represents the chosen deity. During the day, these salons were accessible by everyone. They were also used during the "apartment evenings" offered to courtiers. They usually took place three times a week.
This Grand Apartment experienced its completion during the construction of the Great Gallery consisting of the War Room, the Hall of Mirrors and the Peace Salon.
The Hall of Mirrors gives access to the last set of rooms that make up the State Apartments, this is the King's Apartment. Once past the anteroom of the Bull's Eye, you can access a new series of rooms whose usefulness follows again, a well-defined scheme: a guard room, two antechambers, the room and a firm. Access to these parts was therefore hierarchical and regulated by the label.
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The King's State apartments
Château de Versailles
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