Visiting Versailles on a small budget

Versailles has a reputation for being an expensive destination, but even on a small budget, you can discover the city. Exhibitions, museums and free parks, you have a lot of activities awaiting you all year long.

Keep in mind that from November to March, admission to the entire estate is free on the first sunday of every month.

Here's how to enjoy Versailles without breaking the bank:

Historic site and monument
RĂ©collets Convent was built in 1684 under the reign of Louis XIV, for the Franciscan Order, from which the convent is.
Dis you know that during the reign of Louis XV the Court of Versailles was known as the perfumed court? No? Then this is the perfect time to excite your senses !
Historic site and monument
The Versailles City Hall, is a witness of the history of Versailles. This property of a natural daughters of Louis XIV came under Louis XV to the Grand Master of the Royal Household who redesigned and rebuilt in 1900 .
Genuine masterpieces created by the best artists of this time, here is Europe's largest collection of royal and imperial coaches !
Built in 1761-1762 according to the wishes of the duke of Choiseul, then Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, this mansion was meant to house the archives and departments of Foreign Affairs and the Navy. Here were negotiated the Treaty of Versailles ...
Historic site and monument
Located in the heart of the old convent founded by Louis XV's wife, the chapel is a jewel of neoclassical architecture.
The contemporary art center La Maréchalerie was created in 2004 by the National School of Architecture of Versailles. Located in the Petite Ecurie of the Château de Versailles, La Maréchalerie offers 3 exhibitions per year and many events.
Historic site and monument
This emblematic place was the theatre of the oath during which 578 deputies of the States General swore not to be separated until they had given a constitution to France. The French Revolution was begnning...
Park and garden
Get on your bike and follow the cycle paths with the wind in your hair : they will lead you on a tour of the city's main monuments !