What to do in Versailles when the Palace is Closed?

  • What to do in Versailles when the Palace is Closed?
The Palace of Versailles is closed and you would like to visit the city? There is no problem, let us guide you! Versailles can offer so many things!
Explore the city
If you can not enter in the Palace, you can take a walk in the different neighbourhoods of its city. Believe me, you will be surprised by the architecture of its monuments and by its quiet crannies hidden at the turn in the streets.
Among those, the one that I prefer is the Antiquarian District, located near the Notre-Dame Market. I like to walk down there while looking at objects of curiosity exposed in the vitrine. Once my stroll finished, sometimes, I like to stop at the Musée Lambinet. Over there, there are antique objects and furniture from the XVIIth and XVIIIth century. Walk in the rooms of this old mansion house is a wonderful way to imagine how it was to live in Versailles before, don’t you think? 
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A bit of shopping ?
While visiting the city, why not do some shopping ? Bags (Le Tanneur or Marie Martens), jewels (V&V),  clothes (Agnès B or la Manufacture). You have many choices and you will find what you are looking for, for sure.
The very best of shopping in Versailles is all these shops where the stalls are full of thousand delicacies : the terrines from La Comtesse du Barry, the chocolate sculptures from Art & Chocolat, the delicious cookies from Pierre & Tim Cookie, the amazing salted and sweet macaroons from la Maison la Varenne … And many other !
Delicacies have always been an important part of the royal city. A banquet without any greediness ? Impossible ! Everybody knows that in the french court people couldn’t do without. If you want to discover it, there is nothing better than a tasting tour with the Tourist Office.
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Let’s take a breath of fresh air
If the sun appears, I have no hesitations to go to one of the numerous parks of the city : Balbi, les Etangs Gobert, la Pièce d’Eau des Suisses, or the park of the Palace. There is nothing more enjoyable than basking in the grass with a good book after a picnic. But not only, a blast of fresh air, during a bike ride (Fat Tire Tour & Astel), with a segway (Versailles Events) or during a horse riding and I am full of energy again. (Horse in the City & Horse Holidays).
And for those who want to completely reconnect with nature and discover more and more things about Versailles biodiversity, the recreational workshops by Naturez-vous or the guided tours of the Arboretum de Versailles-Chèvreloup are inescapable. You will see that nature is everywhere, even in the most surprising places and that it is full of virtues. You will have many surprises and it will be impossible for you to not be green-fingered !
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An original idea?
Even if the Palace is closed, it does not mean that you will be bored. Every problem has a solution ! I will put on my shoes and take my coat and let’s go ! I will go to the Atelier de Patricia learn how to cook new recipes that I could reproduce at home. And if I do not feel like cooking, I can go to the cinema at the UGC Parly II but only after going to shop in the shopping mall, of course.
For something more original, you should go to the Ravin Bleu, a place for sharing knowledge where there is zen atmosphere and where the essential is the well-being of the body, mind and heart. Activities are plentiful : tango, yoga, singing, concerts, thematic meetings, workshops with exchanging of expertise and knowledge etc. 
To finish on high note, let’s meet in the fantastical world of Phoenix Felicis to take a hot chocolate with some friends or to play board games.
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With your family and your children
Children, we know that, are full of energy. Thus, finding some activities is sometimes a challenge. Hopefully, I also have little ones in my own circle and I have many tricks to occupy them. Both entertaining and instructive, the Little Detectives will convince you. The goal is pretty simple, you just have to take your booklet and to stroll into the street of the Saint-Louis Quarter to uncover the thief who stole the vegetables of the King’s kitchen garden (you can find the booklet at the Tourist Office). And if you come to Versailles with all a little tribe, you can also be charmed by treasures hunt.
If you are with your family, you should enjoy it and take some beautiful photos and keep good souvenirs. For this, there is no doubts, you should go to the Atelier photo - Alexandre Nestora! If you like outdoor activities, let me tell you that the Tourist Office invite you to equip your camera and to venture into the city to find the best shots. It will embellish your photo albums or your Instagram account. And, do not forget to add the hashtag #versaillesetvous to allow us to admire your piece of art.
Written by Adélaïde
Published on Tuesday August 04, 2020 at 12:27