Outdoor activities

Versailles regorge d'espaces verts idéaux pour s'adonner à vos activités en plein air préférées. En solo, en couple, entre amis où en famille (re)découvrez les étendues de parcs et forêts, pistes cyclables et chemin de terre ... terrains de jeu de vos activités préférées. 

Sport and relaxation in a green, calm and peaceful place!

Versailles is full of of green spaces to indulge in your favourite outdoor activities. 
Event organizers for individuals and professionals
By bicycle or on foot, discover Versailles, the Chateau and its wonderful gardens…
Rental of Electric Vehicles, Boats and Bikes in the Park of the Palace of Versailles
Walks and excursions on horseback. Creating custom events. Horse Coaching (leadership training), etc ...
Specialized in horse riding, the team of Horse in the Ciry offers private and unique horseback riding tours in the exceptional surroundings of the Palace park.
Blue Fox Travel offers guided bike tours for English speakers in the Château of Versailles
Cyclou - Bike rental is open all year round 7 days a week, on-demand delivery in Versailles and its region.
Nature walks in the heart of Versailles