Outdoor activities

Versailles regorge d'espaces verts idéaux pour s'adonner à vos activités en plein air préférées. En solo, en couple, entre amis où en famille (re)découvrez les étendues de parcs et forêts, pistes cyclables et chemin de terre ... terrains de jeu de vos activités préférées. 

Sport and relaxation in a green, calm and peaceful place!

Versailles is full of of green spaces to indulge in your favourite outdoor activities. 
Creation and organization of treasure hunts and historical investigations in the city of Versailles and the Park of the Palace of Versailles
Specialized in horse riding, the team of Horse in the Ciry offers private and unique horseback riding tours in the exceptional surroundings of the Palace park.
Take an original tour of Versailles, the grounds of the Château, the historic districts and the surrounding area on off-road electric scooters, with your family or group and a guide. Enjoy a cultural, fun and sensational visit to Versailles
The Domaine la Bouche du Roi is a vibrant tribute to the Yvelines Art de Vivre and to the Royal Court's wine tradition. First wine producer of its kind in Île-de-France with 26 acres of organic vineyard.
Bicycle rental and delivery to your home, hotel...
Discover Paris, Versailles or Giverny by bike on one of the many tours offered by Fat Tire Tours. A unique way to experience Paris from another angle.
The small trains of the park will allow you to explore the castle park and reach the most distant places
Paris to Versailles Private Tours is a key player in the field of receptive tourism in Paris and Versailles
To share a convivial moment with friends, family or groups, enjoy an epic journey on board our prestigious horse-drawn carriages in the town of Versailles or a more rural moment on the Plaine de Versailles.
Your Escape Game ideally located in the heart of Versailles! Choose one of our 5 scenarios and become the heroes of a captivating and immersive puzzle game. Between settings worthy of the cinema and surprising mechanisms, plunge into a timeless adventure.
Event travel agency specialized in unusual guided tours and 100% personalized programs.