Versailles côté nature GR 11

Nous vous proposons de suivre une boucle de 13 kilomètres au départ de la gare des Chantiers
  • Depuis la gare de Versailles-Chantiers, suivre le diverticule du sentier GR 11 jusqu'à la maison forestière du Cerf-Volant.
  • Traverser la D938 et emprunter à droite le sentier GR 11 sur environ 100m.
  • Continuer tout droit vers l'Ouest. Le PR passe sous la N 286 et tourne à gauche. Couper la D 91 et longer plus ou moins près la voie ferrée jusqu'à l'extrémité du bois de Satory. Aller jusqu'à la porte du Bois-Robert (N286)
  • Un diverticule du sentier GR 11 mène, à droite, à la gare de St Cyr
  • Emprunter le diverticule du sentier GR 11 à gauche pour rejoindre le sentier GR 11.
  • Longer la Vallée de la Bièvre
  • Longer les étangs du Moulin à Renard, du Val et de la Geneste qui ponctuent le cours de la Bièvre. Passer la porte de Sebaque et, par les routes de Sebaque et des Fonds, rejoindre la maison forestière de la Porte-du-Cerf-Volant. Suivre à gauche le diverticule du sentier GR 11 qui ramène à la gare de Versailles-Chantiers.
Balisage :
1 à 2 blanc-rouge barré blanc
2 à 3 blanc-rouge
3 à 4 jaune
4 à 5 blanc-rouge barré blanc
5 à 3 blanc-rouge

Durée : 3h15, 13 km
En chemin, profitez de la vue sur le domaine de Versailles et les étangs de la Bièvre.

Every first Tuesday of the month (from October to July), Musiques à Versailles presents a concert in one of the city's prestigious venues, as well as a festival of regional music.
Wine bar, French southwestern atmosphere, great for an aperitif ! Selection of wines, tapas, cold meats and cheeses.
It is a contemporary place located in the old Hotel des Gabelles built by Louis XIV in the 17th century, a beautiful timeless escape, dedicated to beauty and performance.
The principle of this puzzle game is simple. A team of players is locked in a room. They must get out in less than an hour by fulfilling the mission that's given to them.
Enjoy a convivial ride with family, friends or members of your group in our prestigious carriages.
The CMBV produces concerts and shows that are performed not only in the Château de Versailles, but also across France and the world. It organises Musical Thursdays in the Royal Chapel every Thursday at 5.30pm, open to everyone.
The contemporary art center La Maréchalerie was created in 2004 by the National School of Architecture of Versailles. Located in the Petite Ecurie of the Château de Versailles, La Maréchalerie offers 3 exhibitions per year and many events.
The Guerlain Spa, 2 800m² dedicated to well being and relaxation, makes you a sensory experience as luxurious and unforgettable. Enjoy the pool, covered and heated, steam room, sauna
The small trains of the park will allow you to explore the castle park and reach the most distant places
Inaugurated in 1777 in the presence of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, this theater with its lovely blue and gold auditorium is one of the oldest preserved in France.
Café-theatre at the heart of Versailles. Events are on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening : one-man shows, comedy, stand up, and more ! All these activities have just one purpose : to make them laugh ! For an evening 100% packed with laughter ...
Inaugurated in 1770 on the occasion of the wedding of the future Louis XVI to the young Marie-Antoinette, the Royal Opera quickly became one of the most beautiful rooms in Europe.
The fruit of much reflection by the king's artists, the Royal Chapel can be considered the pinnacle of what Louis XIV achieved at Versailles.